Fall 2021

It's FALL y'all. 

Halloween is just around the corner 

and our workshop is already infested with giant black widows! 

We'll be spewing them all over the 

Colonial Experience Living History Museum 

Come see how the colonists of yester-year 

and their old-fashioned tools 

fare against an invasion of blood-thirsty arachnids! 

*    *    *    *    * 

Also on Halloween, 

we're presenting 

with LOCAL musicians, artists, and vendors! 

There's no better place to celebrate the thinning of the veil 

between our worlds than St. Augustine, 

the most haunted city in America. 

Tickets for Sunday include both 

the haunt and the music fest! 

*    *    *    *    * 

We're also stoked about the upcoming 

This is our 4th year playing this event 

and it's always magical! 

Here's the video of the gators bellowing along with 

Stephen's baseline on his song Dragon's Invocation 

at Croctoberfest two years ago. It was awesome. 


You can buy your tickets here and hurry before they sell out! 

You can also visit our mural 

behind the playground while you're there! 


And now for MUSIC news! 


Upcoming Gigs 


The Sweet City Cupcakes 

for West King Wednesdays 

on 9/15 from 5 to 7pm; 


Mellow Mushroom (Durbin) 

on 9/17 from 6 to 9pm; 


James Weldon Johnson Park 

in Jacksonville 

for the Downtown Food Truck Takeover! 

on 9/18 from 11am to 1:15pm; 


and then Mellow Mushroom (St. Aug) 

also on 9/18 from 6 to 9pm; 


Odd Birds Bar 

on 9/19 from 6 to 9pm; 


San Sebastian Winery's 

The Cellar Upstairs 

on 9/23 from 1 to 4pm; 


Pusser's Bar and Grille 

on 9/24 from 7 to 11pm. 





Croctoberfest: 4th Annual 

Brews at the Zoo 

at the Alligator Farm 

on 10/2 from 6 to 9pm; 


Intracoastal Brewing 

in Melbourne 

on 10/8 from 6 to 9pm; 


Southern Swells 

in Jacksonville Beach 

on 10/9 from 6 to 9pm; 


(photo 904HappyHour) 

James Weldon Johnson Park 

Downtown Food Truck Takeover! 

on 10/11 from 11am to 1:15pm; 


The Green Turtle Tavern 

in Fernandina Beach 

on 10/14 from 6:30 to 10pm; 


Mellow Mushroom (Durbin) 

on 10/15 from 6 to 9pm; 


Mellow Mushroom (St. Aug) 

on 10/16 from 6 to 9pm; 


New World Brewery 

in Tampa 

on 10/17 from 5:30 to 7:30pm; 


Old Coast Ales 

on 10/20 from 6 to 9pm; 


Pusser's Bar and Grille 

on 10/22 from 7 to 11pm; 


San Sebastian Winery's 

The Cellar Upstairs 

on 10/28 from 1 to 4pm; 


James Weldon Johnson Park 

on Halloween Eve! 

with Dr. Bacon 

10/30 at 5pm; 


inFESTation! Local Music Resurrection 

reunion show with The Whigs! 

at Colonial Oak Music Park 

on 10/31 at 4pm! 


        There's cooler weather ahead and don't worry, it has to stop raining at some

point. In the meantime, we hope to see you on the road! Rock on! 


Peace and love, 

Stephen and Jessica

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