April 2020

Greetings from Pigtopia, 

     We hope this finds you all healthy and rested. 

A lot has changed since our last newsletter, 

and we are grateful to have ongoing projects 

in our private workshop so we can get 

out of the house and keep ourselves safe and 

productive at the same time. 

Astronaut Academy is taking shape 

in the form of foam and fiberglass interface panels, 

gravity simulator, 

and Mission Control mock up. 

The opening of the exhibit has been pushed back a little, 

but we are still on track to install it at the end of April 

at Ocala's Discovery Center. 

*    *    *    *    * 

Our sound-absorbing panels are being prepped for 

fabrication over the next few weeks 

and we can't wait to post pictures of our process! 

Our fabric should be here next week 

and our design will start to take shape! 



 Although our music scene is on hiatus for now, 

we'll still be making lemonade by writing, recording, and streaming 

as the muse dictates. 

Check out our Sunday brunch Facebook livestreams 

here and here

Our tour has been postponed, 

but we'll keep you posted on new dates 

as the future comes into focus. 

In the meantime. . . 


The good news is we've done tons of yard work 

and fencing at the house 

and we'll continue piddling around 

for as long as it takes! 


We've even been camping in the backyard for a few days now. . . 

We hope you're all holding up well, 

staying safe and sane, and tapping into your own 

creative flow with this change of pace. 

We reeeeeaaally hope to see you on the road soon! Rock on! 

Peace and love, 

Stephen and Jessica

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