Holidays 2021

Happy Holidays!! 


We went all out on Halloween this year with 

3 big projects back-to-back in one weekend, 

then we started planning our Thanksgiving meal 

(a "fajita-stuffed turkey" was mentioned), 

put up our Christmas tree, 

AND watched The Muppet Christmas Carol the very next day. 

We're ready. 


*    *    *    *    * 

Our Colonial Haunt: The Lost Garrison 

event on Halloween weekend was EPIC! 

We built webs and floors traps 

all around the museum's campus. . .


We placed 100 handmade spiders 

throughout the grounds. . . 

We hung bodies in the Victim's Forest. . . 

and placed Mother in her web! 

We made all the components in 

our new home workshop, 

and Mother lived on our back porch 

for a few weeks. . . 

We also got to write our first script together 

and had so much fun rehearsing with the cast! 

Can't wait for the chance to stage 

more productions at this amazing venue 

in the heart of historic downtown! 

*    *    *    *    * 

Opening night for the haunt was Friday, 

and then Saturday found us 

at James Weldon Johnson Park 

downtown Jacksonville 

to open for Dr. Bacon in full troll regalia! 

*    *    *    *    * 

Then Sunday, we produced our 

inFESTation! Local Music Resurrection event 

at Colonial Oak Music Park! 

(photo credits: MODzent Photography) 

with Bonnie Blue,

The Space Heaters, 

Bryce Alastair Band, 

and The Whigs!! 

and I got to wear my new tie-dye 

from Sanbro Trippy Tees! 

A HUGE thanks to our friends 

the Wileys who have always supported us 

and who teamed up with us to provide 

photography, videography, and hospitality 

 for all of our bands. They're awesome! 


So our holiday season is already crazy, 

and here are some more dates for this year! 

December GIGS 

On the 3rd, we played 

all your Christmas favorites at 

Ocala's First Friday Art Walk 

on the 4th 

at Sweet City Cupcakes for the 

Inaugural West King Lighting Ceremony 

on the 5th 

at Dunedin Brewery 

(Florida's Oldest Microbrewery!) 

on the 10th 

at Intracoastal Brewing Company 

in Melbourne  

on the 11th 

at Pusser's Bar & Grille 

in Ponte Vedra Beach 

on the 17th 

at Mellow Mushroom (Durbin) 

6 to 9pm; 


then on the 18th  

at Mellow Mushroom (St. Augustine)  

6 to 9pm; 

on the 19th 

at New World Brewery in Tampa 

5 to 7pm; 

on the 23rd 

at San Sebastian Winery 

1 to 4pm; 

and on Christmas Eve 

at Colonial Oak Music Park 

2 to 4pm; 

then on the 26th 

we're producing another show at the Oak 

featuring John ParkerUrban & Friends 

from 7 to 10pm 

with Colin Kosco opening 4 to 6pm; 


on the 29th 

Stephen will be performing solo 

at Colonial Oak Music Park 

4 to 6pm; 

 at the Green Turtle Tavern 

in Fernandina Beach 

on the 30th; 

(photo courtesy Amelia Island TDC) 


and finally on 


we'll produce another event at 

Colonial Oak Music Park 

with the Chelsey Michelle Band 

from 8 to 11pm 

featuring Anton LaPlume opening 

from 4 to 7pm 

and a ball drop at midnight!! 


And that's it for 2021! 

     It's been another long, magical, weird year for all 

of us and we're looking forward to 2022 being weird, 

of course, but in a less-threatening way :) 

       We're cleaning house and starting fresh with a 

new outlook, focus, direction, logo & tons of new 

creative content, so lookout for the launch of 

We hope to see you on the road! Rock on!! 


Peace and love, 

Stephen and Jessica

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