November/December 2020

Happy Holidays!! 

We are making lots of holiday yard art 

and Christmas decorations this season! 


and decorations for your porch or hearth: 

You can check out our listings on Facebook Marketplace, 

stop by Zora Bora Art Gallery on Cuna Street to look at a few pieces, 

or contact us through our website for prices. 

We'll be posting a few more pieces as we finish them 

in the upcoming days. 



Our Astronaut Academy exhibit 

is currently on display at Ocala's Discovery Center 

and runs through January 2, 2021! 

Here are some making-of pictures 

of the months-long process 

to create these pieces from scratch: 


International Space Station 

Low-Grav Simulator 

We started by harvesting styrofoam 

electronic packaging for months. 

We gave it all a hard coat 

and a layer of resin to protect and reinforce the shapes. 

Next, we painted panels off-white, blue, and grey. 

We added harvested electronic parts like 

interfaces, cords, cables, and splitters. 

We affixed these panels to the tube structure 

we had already built and base-painted. 

Then, we wired all the parts together and added foil tape. 

We finished the outside with silver metallic spray paint and 

more hoses, tubes, and interfaces. 

*   *   *   *   * 

Mission Control 

We started by making Broadway-style theatre flats 

for the displays, then constructed the base parallelograms. 

We used NASA program icon decals and 

poster-sized photos, then enhanced them by hand. 

For the base, we hand-painted each of the flight instruments before 

a few coats of professional-grade clear coat. 

The other side of this display is our 

Solar System Model 

We made the flats first, then went to work on the base 

and our 3D hemisphere models. 


We have a few mural projects in the works, so hopefully 

we'll have announcements for our next newsletter 

so we can start 2021 off right! 



Our music scene is gaining steam 

and we have a few gigs coming up, 

plus a festival this weekend! 

Stephen will be playing Sunday at 1:40pm. 

and we're still playing the courtyard at Casa Maya 

every Wednesday from 6 - 10pm! 

We hope your holiday spirit has survived intact this year, 

that you've watched the newest episodes of 

The Great British Baking Show: Holidays

and you've seen The Muppet Christmas Carol at 

least 12 times so far this month. 


This year is almost over! We can do it! 


We hope to see you on the road! Rock on! 

Peace and love, 

Stephen and Jessica

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