Soliloquy's music is heartfelt and mesmerizing. He performs each song like it's the last time he's ever going to play it. His unique brand of songwriting and performance will definitely be a great addition to any music roster. His live performance is a must-see!”

               Drawing from Americana and Jamband roots, Soliloquy's music collides with the Funk and Soul of the deep south to inspire heartfelt lyrics, groovy rhythms and creative melodies. His background in the theatre arts creates an electric and magnetic stage performance.

              He primarily performs as a solo act with a loop pedal to incorporate rhythm guitar, bass, beatbox, lead guitar, keys, drums, vocal harmonies and effects. He performs mostly original music, but is known to throw a good cover into his repertoire. His compact set-up and break-down make him an excellent option for festivals and multiple-act events.

              He tours with his live show regularly and is always looking for new corners of the Earth to explore and perform. He can also be seen playing bass in Jambient and Funk Butter Band or rhythm guitar and vocals in Feral Swine Experiment.

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